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Oh the things you find!

WHAT DID WE FIND? Cleaning out houses and commercial spaces leads us to come across a variety of items. Sometimes we find things of obvious sentimental value that the owner may have missed. We make every effort to reunite these…

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My mother had died, leaving me (an only child) to clear out a 2 bedroom apartment in less than one month’s time.    My family had gone through Mom’s possessions, donating some and keeping what they wanted. But there was a lot of “stuff’ left over.  My mother loved QVC, so you can only imagine the amount of “stuff” that had to be cleared out in an aggressive time frame.  In one day Andrew and his helper had all closets cleared, clothes bagged, furniture moved out, documents to be shredded boxed.  I was able to turn the keys in two days earlier than planned.  Andrew provided a great service at a reasonable price.

“I am a dentist in Clifton and I had some outdated equipment and supplies cluttering up much needed office space. Instead of putting it out to the curb, Andrew helped me not only sell the unwanted items, but also got me unexpected cash for his efforts with minimal effort from me.”

Just want to express my gratitude for the exceptional job you did in cleaning out my mother’s condo apartment this year. Thanks to your skills, we were able to quickly and efficiently organize all of her belongings into categories of keep/sell/donate/discard. What was even more helpful was the way you arranged all the donations and the charities provided receipts. You simplified an overwhelming time in our lives.