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About Us

Andrew Cerame – Founder

Andrew is a business-minded young man. Raised in a house filled with antiques and collectibles, he has developed a keen eye. One of Andrew’s biggest accomplishments was becoming an Eagle Scout and in his spare time he volunteers with the local Scout Council. Additionally, he volunteers at the local food pantry and the Social Action Committee at his house of worship.  On the local Chamber of Commerce he is on the membership committee and was formerly the Vice President of the local Volunteer Rescue Squad. As a soccer referee he enjoys exercising outdoors.

Andrew’s work with these organizations has developed his sense of social responsibility and drives the philosophy of his business.



Hollie – Moving Manager & Social Action Coordinator

Hollie has trained as an interior designer. Her work with clients and her years of antique collecting have given her the experience necessary to help with all aspects of your move, downsizing, staging or decluttering. She is the Chair of the Social Action Committee at her local house of worship. Being on the board of the local food pantry and involved with numerous charities through her social action work help her to have the connections necessary to donate unwanted items. This  involvement ties in with Andrew’s philosophy and is reflected in her contributions to the business.

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