Why Use Us

Why Are We The Best Choice?

​We Understand What You’re Going Through

We are as concerned as you are about finding the best way to dispose of your possessions. Cleaning out a house is more than just throwing everything away. It involves taking the time to sort your belongings. This allows us to find a new home for those belongings whenever possible.

Your Belongings Have Value

Unlike our competitors, we price by value, not by volume. We know that not everything you no longer need is junk. We walk through your space and determine the best course of action for the items you no longer need. A value for the items that we think can be sold is reflected in the price, reducing the cost to you. This allows us to price more competitively.

​Working with a number of local charities, we are able to donate a large variety of items that are in usable condition to help families in need. This can result in a tax deductible donation for you. Additionally, we recycle whatever is possible. This arrangement allows us to limit the amount of items that end up in the land fill.


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