Our Philosophy

It is our passion that nothing be thrown away that can be used by someone else or can be properly recycled. It is our goal to prevent items from ending up in the landfill. Additionally, we plant trees to offset our carbon footprint every time we have to discard items in the landfill.

How We Got Started

Through our social action work with the local crisis room, food pantries and other organizations, we began to help people donate unwanted items from their homes. Realizing that we could only transport small items led to starting a business to help insure more items could be donated and properly recycled. Our goal to ensure items find a new home has led us to develop relationships with various charities, recycling venues and dealers.


 Socially and Environmentally Minded  

There is more to business than providing a service. It is every businesses social responsibility to use their resources to improve the quality of life for the earth and all of its inhabitants.  Our business model includes giving back to the community by donating our time as well as reusable items.

It is our goal to work with local charities whenever possible. These include the local food pantries,  local thrift stores, a battered women’s shelter, and a homeless shelter. Local houses of worship and these organizations identify families in need for furniture donations when possible.

In keeping with our goal of environmental consciousness we have partnered with to help plant trees around the world. It is not enough to limit the amount of waste put in landfills, replanting is an essential component of ensuring a better future for the earth. Therefore, for every time that we go to the landfill, we have pledged to plant trees.



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