Let’s Plant Trees

You might ask your self why planting trees is so important to us?

There are mainly two reasons why we feel that it is important to get behind this worthwhile cause. One reason is on a personal level and the other is the obligation we feel to leave this world better than we found it. Both of these reasons have led us to try to be the most Eco-friendly junk company in New Jersey.

Since I have been involved in Scouting almost my entire life, my involvement has given me an opportunity to make a strong connection with the outdoors. I joined Scouting as a Tiger Scout and advanced through the ranks to become an Eagle Scout, but Scouting did not just stop for me with that accomplishment. I continued to stay involved in my Troop in East Brunswick,  New Jersey, becoming a Venture Scout and eventually an adult leader. I also worked at various Boy Scout summer camps for 8 years. As you might suspect, this led to many days and nights camping in the woods and visiting many national parks. For me, experiencing camping and learning how to live in the outdoors was sometimes a more important lesson than anything that could be taught in a classroom. Over the years of camping in all different locations, I not only got to learn about different wildlife and trees, but I also made a personal connection with the outdoors.  Having all these experiences and spending all this time in the outdoors taught me the importance of keeping and protecting our forests. Because of all the amazing lessons and experiences I had, I want to help ensure that other children are able to have the same opportunities I had to connect with nature. I want future generations to be able to go out and see wildlife living it its natural habitats. I want people to see how for generations people where able to live off the land that surrounded them, and how all these forests provide so much for us.

The second reason, which also ties into my Scouting career is the idea of leaving this world a better place, filled with less garbage and junk. In scouting we have a concept that is called leave no trace. ( https://www.scouting.org/outdoor-programs/leave-no-trace/ ) The idea behind this is that you are a visitor, even in the outdoors. You should not disturb the environment that you are visiting and you should not leave behind anything that you brought with you. At Do Not Throw It Away, we believe that it is not enough just to Leave No Trace outdoors and to properly dispose of our customers junk or garbage. We carry this same philosophy into your home and you can see this at every job we do. We are meticulous at every job making sure we are careful with items we are moving whether it is an expensive item or junk, we are careful to make sure that your item and house are not damaged. We also make sure to leave an estate or sold house broom clean so that you have a successful walk-through and a smooth closing.

We believe that we have a responsibility to improve this world. That is why our focus is on donating and recycling as much as we can. But, if we end up at the landfill getting rid of some junk at East Brunswick or another facility, we made a commitment to plant trees for every visit. Do Not Throw It Away’s goal as a junk removal company is to eventually offset every piece of junk we dump by planting trees or donating money to help remove garbage and plastic form our oceans. We are also willing to take the extra time and spend the extra money to make sure everything is properly disposed  of. We sort and separate metal and wire which ends up getting recycled at a facility in Edison. Most of the paper and cardboard that we take is recycled in East Brunswick. Lastly, we make sure we recycle all of the electronics we pick up. We bring items like T.V.s, phones, entertainment systems and other house hold electronics to a facility in New Brunswick to be properly recycled.

For the first half of this year, we are going to make a donation of $250 to planting trees. This donation is based upon the number of times we visit a landfill. It is our attempt at offsetting our footprint. This money will be donated to have trees planted in California. As many of you might know, California is suffering the destruction of forests as a result of the many wildfires this year. We are also asking our customers to make a donation to plant trees. You can do this in a number of different ways. You can check out our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Donotthrowitaway/ and make a donation through there. Or you can go to onetreeplanted.org and make a donation directly to them.

Finally, until September 14th at every new job we will match a donation of $10 that you make to plant trees. We ask you to please join us in helping to restore the forests.



Andrew Cerame


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